Autoscaling Mule Runtimes on AWS in Hybrid Environment

MuleAutoScaling Architecture

If you are using mule runtimes in a hybrid mode where your mule runtimes running in your own VPC on AWS, then you might be aware of the fact that that the Mulesoft out of the box does not provide capability to utilize AWS auto scaling of mule runtimes running on EC2 instances. In order to make use of auto scaling on AWS you need to write custom code to register / de-register mule runtime on ec2 instance startup and deploy apps to the newly deployed mule runtimes. Anypoint runtime fabric does provide auto scaling however we found it to be more heavy weight and complex solution.

Infotiate is working on developing a solution that enable “Auto Scaling of mule runtimes on AWS in an Hybrid Environment”.

The solution provide following key benefits:

  1. Ability to dynamically scale up or scale down mule-runtimes on AWS. This include auto register and de-register mule runtimes with Runtime Manager.
  2. Ability to save cost using spot instances or spot fleet
  3. Solution supports most recent option of Mule connected apps

You can go to the folloing links for complete details:

We are actively supporting this solution and a dockerized version of the solution is also available . We would highly appreciate your feedback and comments.