Traditional Ethics & our Loving Children

Traditional Ethics & our Loving ChildrenWith various sources of information and an awareness about various cultural systems across the globe ,children have become more rational in their outlook . Their responses to situations have become probing and logical , at time clashing of views between parents and children occur . Children  expect a logical reasoning for everything they are told . It’s no longer a YES or NO.They do not want to follow the  traditional ethics . Parents should find a balance between changing times and infinite volume of traditions . The parents should explain to the children the logics behind all traditions. They should continue celebrating the festivals which they had started when the children were preschoolers .

With the society changing fast , erosion of family values is a major concern among parents and the elderlies . Gaining child’s trust is imperative . Love and trust is to be instilled so that a healthy parent childrelationship develops .The family culture in our society still allows us to continue with traditions . Parents have to be calm and patient when they instill traditional values in their children .

Some psychologists are of the opinion that parents should change with time and give up the traditional customs if they want to have good relations with their children . As such most children who are excelling in academics are opting jobs outside our country where the meaning of following such traditions is irrational . It should be left to the children to decide what they want to follow .

You & Your Precious GemThe altered society scenario has changed the dynamics of parenting . The parents on one hand treat the children as little emperors , by providing  to them all possible luxuries and fulfilling all their demands ,on the other hand they are seen pushing the children to excel in every  possible field . The little work done by the child is highly magnified when it is quoted to their friends . These factors hamper the emotional development of the child .High level of attention and over indulgence is harmful for children . Such children are unable to live on their own . They are not capable of dealing with the denials . Parents should help children becoming self reliant , less demanding without making them feel neglected .