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Q: Please tell us about the changes in PMP® Exam?

PMP Exam Content Outline has been updated recently by PMI. PMP Exam questions are based on this content outline. Change in content outline directly impact questions in PMP exam. Content outline has 5 domains directly mapped to process groups. The change is as follows.

There are three more tasks added in initiation domain, one task is added in planning domain, two tasks are added in execution and two tasks are added in monitoring & control. No change in closure.

The focus of these new tasks is mainly on stakeholder management. Doing benefit analysis with stakeholder in initiation, developing a detailed stakeholder management plan in planning and communicating effectively to engage stakeholder during execution. More emphasis is given on lesson learned. A task added for monitoring procurement for compliance. Importance is given in risk management for managing opportunity.

My opinion is that these things are already part of curriculum and I think it is an explicit explanation of implicit concepts. However adding these tasks in the PMP Exam Content Outline means more questions on these subjects. As a result, there is no big difference except some more questions on these subjects.

Q: When these changes are going to take effect?

Exam after 2nd November, 2015 will be based on new content outline.

Q: Why these changes are done by PMI®?

PMI has recently concluded its Role Definition Study (RDS). Content Outline is based on RDS. New findings in RDS has led to these changes.

Q: Is there a change in process distribution/mapping between Knowledge Areas & Process Groups?

There is no such change announced. So no change is expected in distribution of the questions in process group.

Q: How PMP® aspirants should align their studies to address these changes?

PMP Aspirants should continue their study as usual. When studying, give more emphasis on stakeholder management, lesson learned, managing procurement and risk management in terms of opportunity assessment.

Q: How is it going to impact the PMP® Exam?

Refer the 1st question.

Q: Can you please provide some reference links for the readers?

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