Soumya Mukherjee (Co-author)
He is the Founder Partner & Principal Consultant at QAAgility Technologies and has extensive experience in Testing.

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Shivram Mani (Co-author)
He is Principal Consultant & Test Architect at QAAgility Technologies and has extensive experience in Testing.

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Can you describe “Selenium” for our readers? Is it a Software Testing tool or a full framework?

Selenium is a web automation framework which helps automation tester to record and replay without learning any language. The recorded test-case is simple to understand as it gets saved as an html in a table format. The selenium framework also provides ways to convert the tests to Java, .Net, PHP, Perl, Ruby etc, as such it is extremely simple to use the framework and off course it is open source.

Please tell our readers about your book “Selenium Starter Pack For Smart Manual Tester Automation Foundation for Non-Programmers” and what inspired you to write this book?

Selenium Starter Pack For Smart Manual Tester Automation Foundation for Non-ProgrammersWe the experience we have in this industry we have seen professional’s who fear coding and this has  inspired us to design this book for them. If anyone go through this book the fear of coding would just vanish and with the flavour of selenium they would easily excel in the industry with expertise into automation. Buy the Book

Who is the target audience and how should they approach this book?

Someone who is looking to switch from manual testing to automation and who fear coding. This is a perfect platform for them to excel.

Can you please guide on “how to learn & practice Selenium in a practical manner”?

As you know selenium is an antidote for mercury poisoning, similarly we have designed this book as an antidot to someone fearing coding. In this book we have explained how to work with Java and leverage the skills to use selenium.

In Selenium someone should always start with record and playback mechanism provided to understand how the tool work. It is important to know before start using any tools. Once you are well acquainted using the IDE you can then convert the code in Java and use the book as the reference point to start writing actual code in any IDE (we prefer eclipse).

What would be your “DOs & DONTs” suggestions?

Practice makes man perfect a well said truth is purely applicable in this context. Unless you practice selenium as a tool you wont be able to perfect it. Use the book which contains a lot of practical examples to help perfect the framework.

Only don’t is not mugging up the concept at all.

Are there any industry recognized “Selenium” certifications available in India?

Yes, there is a this only one recognized and I would say globally and is being given by Agile Testing Alliance (  This certification is not only for testers but for all the roles. The training provides is completely hands-on and practicals are all on live application. The certification gives you wide coverage and test you knowledge on advance topics such as continuous integration, selenium grid, selenium reporting etc

Is Manual Testing a better route for Automation Testing or one can directly go for learning Automation Testing?

Yes, Manual Testing is important to become a good Automation Tester. In my experience i have seen automation testers who are good with the tool but doesn’t know what to test. Manual Testing gives you in-depth knowledge about testing of scenarios and test-cases with all the test conditions & data, which are actually the inputs to test automation.

How helpful can “Selenium” be for career opportunity & growth, especially for students & youth living in non-metro & rural areas?

Selenium has picked up well in the market because of its open source community and world wide acceptability for commercial projects. Who would have thought that a simple tool (JavaScriptTestRunner) developed at ThoughtWorks for a mere functionality would grow so big. Indian testing industry has now accepted it and since the world is moving towards web / mobile this tool is perfect to use.

I always encourage folks to start with Selenium as there is huge demand of good automation testers working in selenium and encourage them to take CP-SAT certification for recognition.

I was visiting a non-metro last month and have seen that the company works on mobile apps and all their automation have been done using selenium. This itself gives the picture how this tool is being picked up in the non-metros. Since it is free to use with wide community this can be learnt easily by anyone who want to work in test automation area

Can “Selenium”, play a useful role in generating self-employment, especially for youth living in non-metro & rural areas?

Since the cost at the metros are higher a lot of companies are starting at the non-metros these days. Most of the start-ups I know are now in non-metros and they do extremely good work with all the test automation on web and mobile happens with selenium. Since selenium is a free and open source tool there is very less hick-ups to be up and running. People can visit freelancing websites to generate work for them in selenium as I can see a lot of work are now being given to freelancers in selenium space.

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