Your Routine Daily Life:

  1. You & Your Precious GemEat a healthy balanced diet comprising of milk, cheese, curd, green leafy vegetables, fruits sprouts, cereals and pulses. Egg, meat and fish can be taken by the non-vegetarians.
  2. Eat small frequent meals
  3. Drink 6-8 glasses of water in a day
  4. Take iron, calcium and folate supplements regularly
  5. Visit your doctor /health personnel regularly for ante natal care
  6. Exercise regularly
  7. Remain cheerful, read good books, listen to good music
  8. Remain stress free, always keep a positive attitude
  9. Find time to meditate regularly.

Warning Signs to Report to the Doctor Immediately

  1. Bleeding per vaginum
  2. Sudden gush or trickle of water from the vagina
  3. Unable to feel fetal movements
  4. Intractable vomiting
  5. High fever
  6. Sudden swelling of hands, feet or ankle
  7. Persistent headache with dimness of vision
  8. Strong abdominal pains
  9. Frequent urination with high fever
  10. Any accident, fall trauma or fainting

Information given to mothers during ante natal period regarding breast feeding

  1. You & Your Precious Gem1Infant should be put to breast within half an hour of delivery
  2. Colostrum the first milk is good for the baby
  3. Sucking of breasts help in increasing the amount of milk
  4. The amount of milk produced will be enough for baby’s need
  5. Sucking makes uterus contract and so will help in controlling bleeding
  6. 6. Quality of milk will always be good .your milk will be the best food for the baby.