SportsPlaying on the field in groups influences an individual mentally , emotionally and physically .The emotional factors refer to the psychological influences.The fear of competitions may make the participating individuals to react negatively . This can lower their performance abilities.They become stressed , sweat and their heart rates rise as they worry about the result of the sport.Individuals who are able to control their competitive anxiety show a better performance.

Concentration , confidence , control and commitment are the parameters for performance. Relaxation and self imagination about winning can assist an individual to achieve the above parameters. Concentration is the ability to focus on the task in hand. Concentration can be sustained , intense or may be required in short bursts.This can be distracted by the weather conditions , mistakes , fatigue announcements , opponent cheers , or negative thoughts. To maintain focus one must have a goal . He should be emotionally stable right from the night before the competition .The athlete will have self confidence if he believes that he can achieve the goal .With self confidence he continues to have positive thoughts in adverse conditions or when anything goes wrong. Self confidence is improved by self imagination of a previous victory.

Confidence is a positive state of mind which makes one believe that he will be able to achieve the goal .Athletes should control their emotions in adverse states . They should be able to have control over anxiety and anger. Anger seeks the focus of attention and distracts the performance negatively  leading to failure. Anxiety comes as negative thoughts ,confusion , worry ,sweating ,nausea or need for going to the wash room. One has to be committed to his studies , work , family , social life in addition to the commitment for sports . A balance helps  an  easy way out .Commitment for sports may decrease due to injury , boredom , anxiety about performance ,lack of team work .Parents , coaches , managers , medical support team can contribute to the athlete’s  level of commitment by giving support ,and positive feedback.

The athlete on achieving success is happy , calm , satisfied , anxious but excited and confident .He may have been motivated internally and feels satisfied after enjoying the game . External motivation exists when he plays to earn money , prizes or seek attention.

GymnasticsPsychology skill training  aims  to improve the mental skills as self confidence , motivation , ability to relax under pressure and ability to concentrate .This is given in three phases –

  1. Education phase –The athlete learns about the importance of psychological skills and how they affect his performance .
  2. Acquisition phase –He learns the techniques required to improve the skills.
  3. Practice phase –In this phase  the psychological skills develop through repeated practice , stimulation and actual competitions.

Parents play an important role in teaching their children about sports.Many times they involve themselves in playing with children thus motivating them to perform the task.

Sports are a good way to have fun , stay fit and improve skills . Sports teach team work , help in dealing challenges , controlling emotions and taking a pride on winning. The child learns to cooperate  with his peers when he is on the playground . when playing in a group the team spirit develops .Competent child, having qualities of becoming the leader , starts leading the group . Children make their own rules for playing and learn to follow them ,thus learn discipline  . They are also able to solve the conflicts amongst them.

cyclingPressure to win leads to frustration . Pressure is often self generated or the parental  expectation  that the child should win pressurises the child and causes stress . Parents are seen overeacting to the mistakes made by the child whilst playing  the game  and so  losing the game . They blame the child for missing the practices , which has been the cause of his defeat . It is natural for the parent to be unhappy when his ward loses the game but it is not desirable from the parent to scold him , or make him feel ashamed . The parent should accept  the victory and defeat  with similar emotions . He should praise the good efforts of the child and the other players . You should be there to boost up the morale of the child and make him understand that the game is just a game .It should be taken with a sportsman spirit . It is very necessary for a parent to keep himself emotionally stable.

Before the day of the match children feel stressed . They should be detailed about some measures for managing stress –

  1. The child should be asked to take deep breaths for some time
  2. He  should be advised to relax in between the practices and to divert his mind to some other activity so that the stress of playing the match the next day  may be minimized.
  3. The child may be asked to visualise the game with his eyes closed. He should be trained to visualise success  .This boosts up his morale and he goes for the game with high spirits . The child should focus on the present game . He will do his best only when he plays with full concentration without worrying about the outcome of the game .
  5. Eat well and  take a good sleep  on the night before the game.
  6. The child should be asked to divert his mind from the sport or the lesson which is giving him stress .He should engage in some other activity .
  7. Avoid being over confident .
  8. Assure your child that you will not have a negative attitude if he loses the game.

The child should be allowed to chose the extra curricular activities according to his choice . The motto is to have fun , help in enhancing self esteem , building social skills and developing responsibility.

Boxing_GlovesIt is seen that while raising children parents teach  them that to win is good and to lose is bad . Some even tell them that they should always be the winners . When a child faces a more competent peer than him he loses the game or is not able to get the first position in the class. He may not win in the debate or may not be selected for the interschool competitions or activities . The child who has well harboured in his mind that he should be the winner is not able tocope up with the defeat and loses self confidence . Parents should instill into their children the desire to win but not to the extent of decreasing their self confidence when they lose . They should explain to the child that he has to play the game or participate in the competitions with a sportsman spirit . He has not to worry about the outcome as it is well understood that one team will be the winner and the other the loser . Losing does not mean that you have lost everything . You can still pursue and win next time . Efforts put by the child for participating should be well appreciated and praised.

cap-128A child learns a lot when he participates in play , debates , sports and other competitions . He gains freedom from the fear of going on the stage . , develops self confidence , gains knowledge by participating , develops a sense of sharing and cooperation . It will be good if we as parents persuade our children to participate in all events without giving a thought to the results . The children are  able to give  their best performance in a stress free environment .Let your child enjoy the activities and this he can do only when he knows that he will not be looked down by the parents even if he loses . The parents should accept his defeat without any grievances . They should boost the morale of the children and tell them to enjoy by participating .Children should involve themselves in singing , dancing , acting and cookery competitions.The parents are required to support their child’s  involvement in health activities , events in the community and encourage the children for organising inter generational events .

According to BHAGWAD GITA – “Continue doing  your duty without thinking of the outcome .” Our Late Reverend President ABDUL KALAM has recommended-

Teach your children to speak out 5 lines to themselves every morning –

  1. I am the Best
  2. I can do it
  3. God is always with me
  4. I am a winner
  5. Today is my Day.