Parenting Children and the Modern Media Technology

mummiefbDr. Sarita Bhargava – Pediatrician.
Qualified PALS by Indian Academy of Pediatrics.
Author of a very popular book ‘Your Precious Gem & You’.

Gone are the days when a parent teacher meeting was enough for parents to know everything about their wards at school . Parents must have never ever dreamt that someday they will be spying on their social network accounts to monitor them . The void between parents and children has been filled by the internet . Incase of nuclear families and both parents working the chances for the wards becoming addicted to the internet are more. The advancement in technology is keeping students one step ahead of parents and teachers . The age of computers has gone , now the students are using I-PADS , MOBILE PHONES  to access the internet , making it impossible for both the parents , and teachers to monitor their usage .

Children kids & electronicslearn to click pictures from the cell phone and can redial numbers at an early age . They are being exposed to technically advanced surroundings right from remote controlled toys  to video games , and cellphones to laptops . Children are more technologically wise , are using i-pads instead of text books a cause of worry to the parent . Parents face a challenge when the child enters the school which expands his social world.

Parents being unable to keep pace with the new technology depend on their children for the final decision while buying laptop , cell phone or any other electronic gadget .

Click to BuyBENEFITS-

  1. Instant easy access to information
  2. Kids develop the ability to handle complicated technology
  3. Can connect with people having similar interests
  4. Video games enhance manipulative motor skills and keep the mind agile .
  5. Interactive games enable children to learn , read , write and do maths .

Some schools are providing research based curriculum that involves smart classrooms, with projectors and screens , WI-FI facility and laptops . Even the Government organisations have distributed laptops to meritorious students . Students should be exposed to technology to widen their knowledge base . Children insist on getting new smart phones seeing their peers possessing it . Parents impose restrictions to their use by giving them post paid connections for their mobiles . They fix up the days and amount for charging their mobiles . In case of utilising the recharge earlier than the deadline the children have  to stay without their mobiles . Children gradually understand the use of rationing and limited usage.

According to the CBSE-I co ordinator  MADAM ARTI  as published in DAINIK BHASKAR –JAIPUR EDITION 15.5.2014 the CBSE-I curriculum has been introduced in three schools in the trial city  CHANDIGARH –INDIA for class1- class 3 . The specialties  of the curriculum include –

  1. Twenty five students in a class , sitting arrangement is in a group .
  2. There are no books for the students , children do not have to carry the heavy school bags .
  3. The teaching is done on Tablets which have been provided by the school administration .
  4. To keep the syllabus similar in the schools  the CBSE has provided it on the internet .
  5. The students are assigned the home work on papers in a folder
  6. French has been introduced in class 1.

Teaching science will be by taking the children out in the field.Maths  will also be taught by using colored beads and articles .

The administration has introduced an OPEN DOOR POLICY in which the parents are allowed to come and teach in the school , they can share stories and can also explain the concepts of maths . In the evening session of BACK TO SCHOOL there will be a parenting session .

6C ConceptAddiction to internet can isolate the students to such an extent that they may go into a cocoon . Time spent online is on the expense of the outdoor sport time . The time for socializing with the people is also reduced . Lack of outdoor activities lead to obesity , stress and hypertension . Children are also devoid of learning  cooperation .They stop using their minds for storing up information ,rather storing is done in the computers , cell phones and the i- pads. On losing the cell phone the child is unable to recollect the phone numbers .This is really hazardous.The videogame parlours expand the child’s imagination but make them vulnerable to violence . A special website for school students was launched by an Ahmedabad  based educational research firm EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES  (EI ) in September 2011. Assetambassador .com is a portal for school students where they can chat , upload pictures , start groups , participate in discussions all across the country . ‘The system to monitor usage  of pictures , blogs and ports have been lauded by parents. This is a close knit community thus it gives sense of safety to the parents . Another feature of this network is that it is AD free . So the wards are not bombarded with unnecessary titilation “says Aditya Shah from EI. Parents have to keep pace with the fast changing scenario in order to know what the children are doing. Technology offers a plethora of choices but handling it properly is very important . Watching the TV and intense exposure to the internet have eroded social values . It is important that the content is cleared before telecast or being posted on the net .

Psychologists and teachers say watching TV is the most common complaint against kids . Most channels in the garb of entertainment show soft porn . TV has become an integral part of our urban life style , so much so that the bed timings are rescheduled as per programs. Excess TV viewing exposes the children to sexual content of all types . Children then look for the pornographic videos available on internet . If the contents are monitored by the parents TV can be an useful source of information as there are many channels with scientific and historical content .

HindiPlaying board games and going for walks are better ways of spending time with children .TAM media research says only 15%of children viewing TV watch the kids channels . Intuitively attuned to technology ,kids are much better at handling it than their parents who are upset when confronted with a problem . Parents should not restrict the use of gadgets as technology has become the need of the day . Children have a right to lead life of their own and parents should value that . Parents are suppliers should also be guides to children and must exercise control where needed. Parents need to be updated in technology before considering the requirement of a particular product . They should inculcate in children reading habits and tell them the importance of interacting . These will help in reducing their dependence on the gadgets . Parents and teachers should guide children through use of internet and monitor that they do not fall for malcontent . Teach children to divide their time for studying , watching TV , playing out door games and net surfing . Parents and the teachers should find solutions instead of imposing strict restrictions which lead to frustration and behavior problems in kids.