Jasdeep Singh Khanuja, Process Consultant at http://www.infobeans.com/
Many Years of experience in Unit, Manual and Automation Testing & in leading QA Team.


  1. Software TestingShare your thoughts on Software Testing Skill as a Career Option?

Software Testing exposes person to a techno-functional role and its on a person to utilize his/her skills then. To my vision; Testing, in IT stream, is evergreen as it does not require particular technology expertise and secondly person can grow quickly into hierarchy. It also opens up gate for a person to develop as a Business Analyst.

  1. How one should assess and approach Software Testing as a beginner?

One should start with manual testing, initial trainings are imparted mostly at all the institutions that practice Software testing.

  1. How important is Programming and/or Functionality for Software Testing?

Programming skills are required for Automation and other non functional testing. Knowledge of functionality is must to test the application.

  1. Certified Tester - Foundation LevelDo Software Testing Certifications help generating better job opportunities or in career rise? Which are the Industry recognized Certifications in India?

Some companies do consider certifications, i.e. ISTQB and CSTE, but that purely depends on individual to utilize his skills/knowledge in testing. ISTQB is recognized in India.

  1. Is Manual Testing a better route for Automation Testing or one can directly go for learning Automation Testing?

No application can be directly tested using Automation, initially a round of manual testing needs to be performed. Automation testing is recommended once Manual Testing is done and application is stable.

  1. What gaps have you experienced among Software Testers in terms of their knowledge / understanding and work requirements?

Some testers limits their testing to explicit requirements only, however they should dig in more and test in order to break the system.

  1. Which other skills are helpful in becoming a good Software Tester?

Person should be good in requirements analysis and brainstorming. He should have skills to explore the system and provide suggestions where ever required. Domain knowledge is also a value add.

  1. ISTQB-GlossaryHow Software Testers can improve their Testing Skills on their own?

Self-evaluation and review their own work. There are few metrics that can help them review their deliverables and quality.

  1. Is Software Testing Skill a good career and self-employment option for youth living in non-metro cities and rural areas?

Many companies survives on Software testing only. Not sure if individual can get projects for testing on free lancing.

  1. What would be your words of wisdom for the students & youth?

In god we trust, for rest we test.