How to be Good-Better-Best ParentsEvery parent wants to be the best .

There does not exist a set of rules  by following which you can  become the best parents .Parenting is the interpersonal relationship between the child and parent. The nature of every child is variable and so  the style of parenting each child has to be specific .The same pattern does not apply to all children in a family.

  1. Expressing love and affection is the foremost mode for being called a good parent .Parents must express their love verbally by telling their children that they love them .Giving personal hugs, kisses  and pampering may be the other ways to express love .One should never be behind in praising the good works of the child may be it is a very small one, she can be gifted for it.
  2. Encouragement and appreciation help in  boosting the child morally  and children feel that they are being loved and feel secure.
  3. Always talk to your child with a smile on your face . The infant is also able to recognize your anger by the expressions on your face. You should not point out the mistakes in a hurting manner. Try to explain them fault in a calm way . Your love should be unconditional ,never say that if the mistake is repeated you will stop loving and talking to him.
  4. Give them their due desired respect .They are only small to look at but emotionally are mature enough to understand your ways of conversing with them.The children are able to judge your mood by the facial expressions. Make the children feel that they are capable of higher achievements .This helps in building confidence.
  5. All members of the family including yourself should follow the rules of the family .When you practice this then the children can be disciplined easily .They learn more by watching you .
  6. You & Your Precious GemChildren should be allowed to talk to the parents freely .You should be very good listeners .Never let them feel that they are being avoided .If you are busy when they want to talk to you simply tell them that you will talk to them after finishing the work in hand .They should be allowed to express all their feelings. Kids feel happy and safe when you give full attention to them
  7. Do not quarrel or argue with your partner in their presence . This disturbs them mentally and they may think bad about themselves .They may even consider themselves responsible for such episodes and then develop the feeling of insecurity.
  8. Treat all your children in the same manner. Never compare them with one another . You should not favor a particular child .Be neutral and fair while settling disputes between siblings .It is a good practice to allow them to settle their disputes themselves.
  9. Be consistent when asking them to follow rules . Both the partners should be having the same view. Do not be flexible according to your comfort meaning that you scold a child for one act one day while when he repeats the same on another day you simply let him go free .This is inconsistency and is not desired , to change his behavior you have to be consistent.
  10. Say nice words of encouragement or give little rewards when the child finishes her home work .Do not nag , beg or threaten the child for doing the work which he is supposed to do .