Hari Prasad – My life is “A journey of freedom”.

hari sir

Hari Prasad, MCA, MBA (Operations), PGDFM, PMP, MCITP, PMI-ACP, Prince2 Practitioner and CSM, with 2 decades of experience in IT Delivery, Training Consulting, Agile/Scrum. 16+ years in various IT delivery positions, 6 years as Project Management Trainer/Coach/Mentor and trained 2500+ leaders in India & abroad.

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Please tell our readers about you, your work and some of the important awards / achievements you have achieved?

I never thought these things drives me in my life. I never worked for them. I studied a lot throughout my life to understand the world, my relations with prakruti and other living and non-living around me, divine and its purpose. This was my own internal search. In this process I pursued 4 master degrees and completed three. I did many certifications in the space project management and purpose was not to get certificate but to feel the vibration of freedom in my empty internal space by doing something which I loved, admired and valued.

What would you like your Journey of life till now to be entitled as?

A journey of freedom. Freedom from my ignorance, freedom my unnecessary believes about the world, freedom from a thought that I am only a bundle of flesh and living temporarily on this planet, freedom from the sense of greed that world is for me and I need to enjoy it most, freedom from the thought that world around me is to stop me.

Could you brief our readers with the struggle, obstacles & issues faced during your life/work experience?

I was very young when my mother’s left this world. I was thinking for many day that world will finish now. I will also finish. Because that was my first hand experience of death. I struggled a lot to understand the meaning of life, its origin, and journey of a Jiva. Second time when I prepared hard for my engineering entrance I got life terminating disease which I realized later. Due to this I dropped my degree exam and dropped my engineering entrance exam. It took me more than one year to recover physically and more than 5 years to recover mentally but then I discovered a deeper meaning of life. In the meantime after convincing my father I left the home and started my own journey alone to live and continue my education. I traveled, lived and worked in many cities of India and outside and met many people. Some of those came so close in my life that they influenced my life very strongly. Although none of them lived with me for long time but they changed me permanently. I always felt in my life that there is some strong positive force (you called it God, positive thoughts, luck, Devta) wherever I go, live and move. I got all kind of strong jerks like of relations, finance, health but the force behind was strong that I never ever became hopeless in my most hopeless period of life.

Which of these obstacles, issues or situations, you still have to confront?

I get amazed to a thought when I know that I am a soul but then why do I have even iota of fear. Why the knowledge does not become part of our daily experience even after lots of contemplation and deliberation. Secondly people in society are so ignorant and stubborn that they do not wish to understand that there is something much more important in life than what they are pursuing; some useless worldly goals blindly.

Did they contribute to demoralize you or instead, you took them as challenges in your way forward and how did you handled them?

Srimad Bhagwat Geeta and teachings of Swami Vivekananda and many other saints has been guiding light in my life. Whenever I feel difficulty I re-read the related topics and reinterpreted to the current context of life. Or just in silence, meditate or do nothing but observer the dance of cosmos.

Your thoughts & approach in facing & handling these obstacles/difficulties gradually developed with your age, education & experience or inspiration & guidance of someone was also there with you?

As I told you earlier that some unknown, unnamed cosmic force I call that the Grace of Divine Mother has been always with me. I feel that the day my biological mother left my Divine mother joined me in life journey. Sometime she came in my life in many women relation of Sisters and finally she also joined me as my wife. But in spite of all these worldly relation She is more in my silence and solitude and beyond my world of blood and flesh.

Share your family’s role/contribution in your life? Do they have similar thoughts on your struggle, work & success?

The only thing is they did not disturbed me much. And I never went against my values and family values. Finally I do not care much about individual’s thinking and support for me. I always listen to my internal voice.

How do you see this incredible journey from the perspective of skill development & personality grooming?

I see that the process of searching meaning of life and God I developed deep interest for various subjects. Hardly there is any science or art about which I do not know or I do not have interest. Math, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science, Management, Mechanics, Body anatomy, Brain working, psychology, philosophy, history, geography, religion, Vedanta, human evolution, evolution of human languages and language scripts, quantum physics, cosmology, music, fine arts etc all are my favorite subjects and for me all of them are tightly related to each other. So they should be in wholeness not as an independent subjects.

Which skills do you treat as your key skills and how you have developed them? Do you still work to improve/update them?

Analytical thinking, communication, system thinking, planning, project management, explaining philosophy of Vedanta are my key skills. I still work with lots of excitement to learn these. I never ever felt burden of completion on my head or shoulders to learn all these.

Were these skills imposed on you and gradually developed with your education, training and experience or you were encouraged for them based on your interest & talent or you yourself decided on this?

Once I discovered the primary goal of life. I kept acquiring new knowledge and skills whatever can help me in living that goal in every moment of life. For me answer is not either and or. It is both. I wanted to live every moment of my life for that purpose whatever interests me in line with my goal I was self-learning, applying and reinforcing my learnings.

Skill(s) for children/youth be selected & developed based on their own interest, passion & telent, rather than imposing on them. What is your opinion on this?

To all children I will say that learn to live a way that there is no completion in life. Physiological need of everybody can be taken care. There is no much trouble in getting Bread, Clothing and Shelter. The only problem is you want to get in your conditions and at congested place called cities. Go and live in villages, help others in leaving a better life, provide them education, health. Inspire them for better and independent life. Live the life at your condition not at the condition determined by competition. Live happily without disturbing and bothering others. Think always in terms of less input and more output of life. It means how much less you can take from society and how more you can return back. Learn like you are never going to die and work life tomorrow may not come. Do not let yourself suck into negativity, competition, beating, fighting, win-lose game. But live happily in positive thought, believe that God fulfills everybody’s need, cooperate with others and win-win games.

An opinionated criticism followed by a cynical approach is observed in our society when it comes to the deeds & learnings of Gandhi, Ambedkar and such other real life heroes. Nobody understand them, reads about them nor wants to learn from them. Social degradation and lack of national character in Indian society is reaching it peak. Is it one of the main reasons for this? What do you think on this?

You packed three questions in one. I will answer them in that sequence. First: in every democratic society people express themselves freely without fear. What they express depends upon what they have understood and learned about the topic they are opiniating about. Second: Sometimes people who are giving opinion are much well-read sometimes are not. We as an individual can get hurt or like the opinion. It again has less to do with our well-read-ness but with our emotions or attachment to the person about which opinion is given. Third: yes any society who does not study, research and learn from past bound to fall. This is one of the reason but there are many others. India never had dearth of great personalities. From god like figures Adi Sankara, Maharshi Raman, Sriramkrishna Paramhamasa to great philosopher and reformers like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayananda Sarawati  to great bhaktas like Meera, Kabir, Surdaas, Rahimdaas , to Avataras like Buddha, Mahavir , Dwarikadhisha Krishna, Rama all there are many personalities. It is good that except those two whom you mentioned other has not be politicized as much.

Yes this is true that we Indian do not read much. And in today Facebook, Whats-app, Twitter world we love to express ourself whatever we feel. Because we are free society. The main reason of our poor reading habits is our laziness. Our society has either god fearing people or atheist people. Both are useless. God fearing people does not come out of their rituals and atheist do not think about their karmafala. We do not do tapasya if somebody do then they do not want to share the fruit of tapasya with society. So either we are becoming Lazy or Miser or Crazy society.

Struggle/turmoil in life path and even post solving them, make people negative, inferior, indolent, fatalistic, depressive, plagued by a sense of revenge, anger etc. Did you face any of these or other than these? If yes, How did you overcome?

Never ever. In fact I cannot think about all these.

I strongly believe that purity of your food which you eat, liquid which you drink, and books of which you read decide the quality of your mind. And by divine grace I never got in trap of wrong people, food, drink and books and habits so that kind of negativity I even cannot imaging. In fact when people tell me or I see that in public life I get surprise that why people are like this. Life is full of options why don’t they do something else rather than wasting life on negative things.

Nowadays children & youth, knowingly/unknowingly assumes exposure/awareness as knowledge/experience. This is making them somewhat careless or over confident and they generally don’t listen to their parents/teachers. What are your thoughts & experience on this and how they can be safeguarded against such a tendency/habit?

We must help them in understanding the model of Moksha. Data points, information, knowledge, wisdom, awareness, experience, consciousness, blissful existence are not same thing. All these things have their own place in this journey. From where it comes does not matter much. Rather what matter is whether children experiment in the guided environment or not. In the 21st century we are living in information age. We need to think that how can we convert this into age of wisdom and higher experiences of divine and our existence on this planet. We as elder also have very poor and limited understanding of all these and think that our children should listen to us. We must have something to give to our next generation. And it is not information. Children can get it quickly from google. Give something else which is critical for them. Your time, your wisdom and your experience.

Suicidal tendency among children & youth is increasing day by day. To save them from such mental tendencies what would you like to say to them, their parents & teachers?

Develop family values, live those values, teach those values to your children, let your children practice those.

Do not treat your children as your mean to give you higher status, name, safety. Rather they are individual souls who have come in your family to look for their meaning of life. Why do you want to pressurize them using completion, study, life goals and your dreams.

“English takes precedence over Skill” is it a major hurdle in development of India? What is your experience and share your thoughts on this?

There is old saying that a fox took the bread while two monkeys were fight. It is true for language also. In the political fight of regional languages English has taken bread of Indians. So the politics is one of the reason. But have we produced social thinker, philosophers, scientist, mathematicians, great political leader (role models) from non-English languages in the India? If no then who will follow a langue of poor, cheater and uneducated people. Finally electronics and print media rather than giving new height to local languages specially Hindi (national language) they have taken this language to bottom most. Decency of prime time debate and words which they use for reporting is pathetic and disturbing. In fact last thing which I would like to do to is watch some national or local Hindi channel news or program. Our TV programs, news, debates, newspapers need to produce something which is worth for follow up by new generations. Where are the programs in Hindi who makes you genius or search a genius? All dance programs and singing completion! So what do you expect, development using dance, disco and singing?

In our education system there is a huge gap between Education & business/industry requirements and the solution doesn’t seems to be easy & early. To bridge this gap between theory & practice, what would you like to suggest to students & youth and have you done some work in this direction?

  1. If you are not interested in the field of education and research then do not take admission in MA, BA, M.Sc., B.Sc. and pass your time there. After 12th learn something within next 3 years which will earn bread for you.
  2. Force technical schools that 70%+ of their programs must be sponsored by some corporate/factories so that they can absorbed directly.
  3. Parents must emphasize on life living skills like negation, communication, language, and organizing, leading, risk taking.

Integrated & synergic education, skill & experience is key for growth & development. What are your thoughts & experience on this? What would you like to suggest to students & youth, on how they can develop practical knowledge & skills along with their education?

Do not learn only to earn but to improve the process and technology. Think how you can add value to the process and technology which has been taught to you. Always think of your unique value creation. Learn to excel in your field. Here I do not mean that you compete with somebody but improve your process and technology by your own imagination.

In this market economy and especially in areas where there is lack of information/awareness, the thinking of people becomes bounded due to political, religious, social, market & other reasons. This has become a major hurdle in their socio-economic upliftment, growth & development. What are your thought & experience on this and how it can be overcome?

  1. Any individual must think in terms of whatever small value addition to the business, process, technology, company, society and country. Give wings to your imagination do not think it is not possible. Do not let your imagination get infected by politics, religion and current social problems.
  2. Secondly take calculated risk, take initiative, and do more speak less.

Does acceptance of co-existence of our existence, cast, religion, conditions & environment, respecting them and considering struggle as challenges in our way forward rather than problems, can be a good formula for social upliftment, growth & development? What are your thoughts?

I think life is neither struggle nor trouble nor problem nor challenge. Life is created and given to your based on your karma, life is about creation. Creation is possible in imagination. Imagination is in free mind and blissful mind. Do not struggle or compete but understand the meanings and values of life and live those to get your own Moksha. In this whole journey you will be able to solve so many puzzles that you cannot imagine.

What would be your words of wisdom for the socio-economic upliftment & Progressive development for the youth, students & society?

  1. Define your values and principles and live those in every moments of your life
  2. Search your ideals in life. Do not follow west blindly. India is oldest civilization; we had so many leaders in every field of life. If you can make any one of those as your role model and advance his/her work then you can live happily and closure to your heart
  3. Always keep excitement in your life either by thinking something new or doing something new
  4. Care for others, share with others. Do not be selfish and individualistic
  5. Think what your parents, teachers, country, society, nature and God has given to you and how can you express your thanks to them
  6. Do not think life is only one therefore if I could not do something meaning as of today it means life is waste. Life is always meaningful!
  7. Practice yoga and meditation on regular basis. Give time to yourself when you are in your own. Practice some Maun Vrata once in a month or whatever suites to you.
  8. Never ever lose hope. Always think that if God has given life he must be knowing the purpose. So wait and listen to your hearth through which God speaks. He will reveal you the purpose of your life.
  9. Do not waste anything in your life. Give meaning and purpose to it. Even if it is a small paper, polythene bag, food on your plate, money in your pocket, plant on the street, grass on the ground, cloth which you wear and person in your life.