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The Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) and Infotiate have collaborated to take initiatives for making Global Knowledge of Agile, Scrum, Agile Testing, Testing available up to the grass root level.

HindiWe plan to start the initiative with the Hindi Edition of a Book which is a practical toolkit for Agile@Home. The Hindi Edition of the book is एजाइल किड्स – मेरा बॉस कौन है?. Considering the utility & the value of the “Agile Kids” book, it is translated in Hebrew, Spanish, Italian and Russian Languages apart from English & Hindi.

Being based on the family implementation of a proven & world wide accepted Agile Framework, the “Agile Kids” book makes it easy for the readers to correlate it with their own family life and thereby enabling them to better understand the concept and apply it on their own without any training.

Considering this The “Agile Kids” Hindi Edition can play a key role as a stepping stone towards empowerment of people by making them better understand self-organization, responsibility, accountability, teamwork, transparency in an easy to understand language, especially in Hindi and by providing them a tool to implement it as well.

ATA & Infotiate also wish to thank and appreciate the effort of Shirly Ronen – Harel, the author of the “Agile Kids”, for providing such an easy practical tool kit for Agile@Home and for her support to our initiative.

ATA also plan to provide support to such people/organization for their capacity building & scaling up as per their needs or market requirements. Those individuals who are willing to become trainers to provide training in Agile, Scrum, Agile Testing, Testing at the local level and those Colleges, Schools & other organization who plan to train one or more members of their staff can contact us with their details and plan at any of the following e-mail IDs:      or