Agile Kids Feedback 4: Innovative “Agile Kids” Task Board….

HindiA reader of the “Agile Kids” Hindi Edition (एजाइल किड्स – मेरा बॉस कौन है?) has developed a very interesting Task Board that he maintains in a note book on daily basis for managing his tasks.

The reader who is not having enough financial resources and has some other constraints like Limited Electricity, Limited Internet access and somehow running & managing his IT center. With these constraints this humble & simple reader was able to read the “Agile Kids” book only during the time when he is not having any consumer at his IT Center. He somehow completed reading the book in almost 25-30 days. He also started implementing the Agile Concept as per the “Agile Kids” book while reading it.

EnglishSince the reader was not in a position to create & maintain a task board using a Computer or Mobile Phone or in form of a proper Task Board with Sticky Notes. He decided to create a task board in a note book. He carry the note book with him and keep updating it as & when required.

His feedback on how “Agile Kids” changed his life:

  1. After reading “Agile Kids”, he stopped looking at & thinking about himself from the “POINT OF VIEW” of others.
  2. This changed mind-set enabled him to look & understand himself from his own “point of View” and since then he is growing in confidence.
  3. My following two Blog Posts also helped him in changing his mind set & respecting his own existence:
  4. Together “Agile Kids” & “6C Concept” helping him to overcome his constrained environment & limited resources by enabling him to work towards developing his own & his families capabilities to improve their socio-economic condition.

Following is a dummy Task Board based on the basis of the actual Task Board of this reader that he is using on daily basis.

“Agile Kids” Task Board (Click on the image to enlarge)

Agile Kids Task Board