mummiefbDr. Sarita Bhargava – Pediatrician.
Qualified PALS by Indian Academy of Pediatrics.
Author of a very popular book ‘Your Precious Gem & You’.


768px-Breastfeeding-icon-med.svgBreast milk is the most suitable natural milk for the baby . It is ever warm, bacteria free and readily available . There is no worry for boiling and sterilizing bottles.

It enables mother child bonding which is helpful for the growth and development of the child.

Colostrum the thick yellow secretions from the breast just after birth  is rich in antibodies and so gives protection against infections .It also contains lysosomes and live cells.

Proteins .sugar and fats are ideal for baby’s digestion and growth.

Breast milk contains fats required  for the development of brain.

Human milk is rich in lactose a sugar which provides galactose to the brain.

Lower salt content in the human milk prevents  the overburdening of the kidneys .

Calcium and phosphates are better absorbed from the human milk.

You & Your Precious GemThe amount of milk secreted depends on how much the baby suckles . It also depends on the parity of the mother ,her nutritional status age and some hereditary factors . Most of the mothers are able to produce milk in sufficient quantity that will satisfy the energy needs of the child till the age of 3-9 months . Babies who suck correctly take 80-90%of the milk in the first four minutes of starting taking breast milk feeds.

whilst sucking the nipple and areola should be far into the mouth to initiate the sucking reflex. . The nipples are not to be cleaned with soap and water frequently  , instead they can be wiped with plain water.

The newly delivered mother should be on follow up after being discharged from the hospital till she is able tobreast feed her child properly.